Meter Box Repair

Gas and electricity meter boxes are normally a mundane and uneventful part of the building fabric but we know occasionally they can be troublesome. A missing door or broken box can leave the meter open to the elements or vandalism. This becomes ever more important with the introduction of more valuable smart meters. Meter box doors can be replaced readily but you have to measure the box and identify what type it is before you can order it.

From our fully stocked vehicle our technician can carry out most repairs first time but if we have to order an unusual door we will do that at no extra cost to you. The range of standard services includes replacement doors where these are available, hinge repairs and the supply and installation of Security Covers, or our own SMB Overbox

If the box is very badly damaged a complete replacement is often recommended but this could cost over five hundred pounds as the supply has to be disconnected to replace the box. We are able to carry out permanent in-situ repairs to broken Semi-concealed and Built-in Gas Meter boxes at a fraction of that cost.

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