If you are considering become a Gas Meter Asset Manager or if you want to Install fiscal electric meters you will need to be registered in the MAMCoP or MOCOPA schemes. This entails gathering the required information and gaining an understanding of the requirements. Once you are prepared you will then be audited by the appropriate registration body e.g. Lloyds Register for MAMCoP.

Tuffentech can provide you with guidance and support through this process.

Our basic service includes the following:

  1. To provide guidance on the requirements and assist with the scope of your application.
  2. To carry out a GAP analysis against the MOCOPA or MAMCoP requirements. This includes the provision of a preparation control document.
  3. Assistance with the collation of evidence.
  4. An independent pre-audit of the evidence acquired and the provision of a shortfall report.

In addition where required we can assist with drafting new management procedures which may be required in preparation for the pre-audit.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact us Freephone: 0800 6127688 or Email us at: steve.gandy@tuffentech.co.uk