Short Term Utility Meter Protection – STUMP!

Are damaged meter box doors wasting your time and money? Now there is no need to reschedule your meter installations!

The average meter cabinet defects in each region of the UK stands at approximately 2%. In the East and West Midlands region alone there is estimated to be over 33,000 at any one time!

STUMP is Tuffentech’s innovative product to solve the set backs caused by broken meter box covers. This quick and simple temporary solution takes minutes to fit and works for the majority of meter cabinets, effectively sealing broken or missing doors and cracked cabinets from the elements.

With the property owner present on the specified day, fitting the smart meter won’t be compromised allowing the engineer to keep to schedule and for the owner to organise a permanent secure repair later.

Most home and business owners do not realise they have a legal responsibility for the upkeep of their gas and electricity meters and the cabinets that house them, this is the reason why more and more are discovered with defects.

  • Suitable for Gas & Electricity Meter Boxes
  • Integral ventilation system
  • Comprehensive fitting kit
  • Concise fitting instructions
  • Adjustable STUMP available to fit majority of meter box sizes

If you would like to find out more about STUMP give us a call on Freephone: 0800 612 7688 or Email us at