Secondary and Sub-metering

FMG Rotary and Turbine Meters


  • Turbine: G100 – G4000
  • Rotary: G40 – G400

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There are increasing requirements for metering systems to be integrated into energy management systems so that targeted reporting can be achieved and data can be provided for energy management systems or other facilities within a building.

Secondary or sub-metering is the implementation of individual electricity, gas, water or other specialist meters that allow utility usage to be individually measured. This enables asset managers and energy providers to identify energy usage of individual buildings, plants and equipment for financial and energy management purposes.

In gas installations secondary meters that are fitted downstream of the main primary meter but are not used for billing are called ‘check meters’.

Good practice when applying metering is fundamental to successful regulatory compliance, operational and resource efficiency and cost saving. Good practice entails the appropriate design, specification, installation and integration of metering systems, as well as suitable management oversight and responsibility.

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