AirCom Data Collection and Asset Tracking

Aircom ™ is a self-contained, battery-powered communications device capable of collating data from various instruments. It has been designed to withstand harsh environments and transmit data from the asset to any command centre globally. It’s easy to install and configure and can be left to operate without the need for human intervention. The device will give the user confidence that their critical data will be monitored securely and accurately to ensure the success of operation.

These devices use the LoRaWAN® specification a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect battery operated ‘things’ to the internet in regional, national or global networks, and targets key Internet of Things (IoT) requirements such as bi-directional communication, end-to-end security, mobility and localization services.

Tuffentech can supply these devices for use in many capacities including but not limited to; Gas Quality, Animal Tracking (e.g Cows), Flow Volume.

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