November 2020

Today is my last day at Tuffentech before I take up my new position at Ofgem on Monday.

It feels a bit like when you realise that your grown-up children can stand on their own two feet or when you leave them at University for the first time. It has been a rewarding 12 years and I’m confident that Cath and Steve can continue the recovery and take the business on to the next level.

November 2019

Once again, I must admit to being a bit tardy with my blogging as it has been 12 months since my last one. The last year has been eventful to say the least. At the beginning of the year we lost our training partner and were faced with the prospect of creating our own training business.

We are now EUSR accredited to deliver gas and electric metering including smart metering and have recently gained City and Guilds centre approval for the Bury St Edmunds facility. The unplanned investment required to do this linked to a reduction in consultancy income, resulted in a tough trading period but I am happy to say we appear to be through the worst of that and are now looking forward to developing the training business further, with the aim to bring on EV training in the early part of 2020.

As you may be aware John Moulton left us at the end of September but we are delighted to announce that Mr Steve Gandy has joined Tuffentech as our new General Manager. Steve has enjoyed a long and successful career in gas metering management with British Gas, Transco, Siemens and E.ON and brings to us a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sector. Steve’s role will be to build on the excellent contribution that John made to the training division and also assist me with consultancy projects. We are very excited about this new phase in the company’s development.

Blog November 2018

I’m sorry to say that my last Blog was in July 2017 which is shameful so let’s look at this as a new beginning and a new beginning it is.

Tuffentech Services was founded 10 years ago. We have managed to hold our own and developed several ideas into commercial products and services, but the business had stopped growing. In May of this year I took the business through a full commercial review using the “Action Coach” process which I would fully endorse.  One of the outcomes was the realisation that when I am as a busy as I have been delivering service.

I haven’t got the capacity to grow business as well. One area we recognised as a real growth area was training and technical training in particular, so the decision was made to take on a General Manager to focus on the development and growth of this part of the business. Earlier this month, I was delighted when John Moulton agreed to join us in that position.

Most recently he has been a smart meter technician for various companies but he has a track record in successful start-ups so his knowledge of the sector and sales acumen were a perfect match for us. We are very excited about the future and I’m sure you will join me in wishing John the best of luck with his endeavours.

July 2017 Blog

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being awarded the bronze medal from the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers for delivering my presentation on Smart Metering. I had been nominated for the James Ransom Memorial Medal for the top Incorporated Engineer but there was a problem producing it so I was awarded this in its place which is an honour in itself. Life has a habit of throwing up results which you don’t foresee. The Brexit vote, Trump and Chelsea winning the premiership again. At the beginning of the season I didn’t expect that nice surprise.

Another nice surprise is how busy our MOCOPA assessment centre is becoming and to date we have assessed and approved some very good installers. One interesting but unforeseen outcome has been the interest that they have shown in STUMP our temporary meterbox repair solution. This stems chiefly from the fact that they don’t get paid if they don’t complete the installation and this is also true of their employers. One eminent industry director estimated that is costs about £50 to get an installer on site at the same time as the consumer so if the meter box is damaged, spending less than £10 can make everybody happy.

You didn’t foresee that!

April 2017 Blog

Well first of all apologies for not writing in March but I’m sure I am not the only one who thinks that as you get older there is a borrower somewhere stealing your time. I’m sure I don’t know where it goes and there is a lot going on.

Spring has definitely arrived here and the swallows have returned and are flying around the office. We have also refreshed our MOCOPA assessment bays by adding a fault finding panel which is now a standard part of our assessment and an additional assessment board so with two assessors we can now accommodate up to 12 assessments a day. As well as that, we can now offer 3 Phase Up-Skilling training for up to three operatives at a time.

Whilst we are on the subject of electricity meter installation we are hopeful that we will soon have permission to provide sealing pliers so watch this space.

February 2017 blog

As you know, I am not Leicester City supporter but I have to say I was as equally perplexed with the way that Chelsea dealt with Mr. Ranieri, when he left Stamford Bridge, as I guess many people are with his departure from the Kingpower Stadium. As I remember he dealt with the whole affair with consummate dignity and class and I don’t expect him to respond any differently this time. You are not born with that level of grace. You are blessed if you have it and this man has earned the right to be called a Gentleman. Such a pity that so many others can’t learn from his example.

On another note Doris has blown through with 90mph winds in some places. We were sat in our office waiting for the roof to blow off but fortunately no serious damage was done here. It did make me wonder how many meter box doors were being blown about in the wind though. Meter boxes are normally a mundane and uneventful part of your building fabric but we know occasionally they can be troublesome. A missing door or broken box can leave the meter open to the elements or vandalism. This has become ever more important with the introduction of more valuable smart meters. Not many people realise that it is the home owner’s responsibility to sort this out. Which is probably why so many remain in a poor state of repair but never fear. We have a range of solutions from the STUMP, to the SMB Overbox or if you need more help why not give us a call and we will come and sort it out for you.

– Vic Tuffen

January 2017 blog

It has been so long time since I blogged but I promise this year is going to be different. This is because my internet Tsar is going to keep me on the straight and narrow. We’ve just launched our new website and very good it looks too.

Many thanks to Danielle at Daniitea Media for all her help and continued support. If you need somebody to look after your website and social media in sensible plain English, I can heartily recommend her.

A great deal of water has gone under the bridge since I last wrote. The UK voters have decided that we would much rather control our own destiny and borders thank you very much so we have decided to disentangle ourselves from the EU.

The US voters have decided that they would much rather control their own destiny and borders thank you very much so they have decided to disentangle themselves from their political establishment.

It all looks very worrying but I like change. Change is good, change equals opportunity so we may as well seize the day and make the best of it. The other thing that happened was that I had my first book published. Available from the IET, it is jauntily entitled, Guide to Metering Systems and is an indispensable tool for anybody considering installing secondary meters.

On another note, I watch with interest the steps that Mr Trump is going to, to protect US citizens from the reds under the bed, whoops I meant Jihadists. I recently read that over a ten year average 2 people in the US have been killed by Islamic immigrants. This compares with 11,737 shot by fellow Americans, 69 by lawnmowers and 21 by armed toddlers. I think there is a moral there somewhere, like it’s a bit pointless slamming the door shut when the man with gun is already in the room. See you soon.

 – Vic Tuffen

Tuffentech finally upgrades!

At the beginning of January 2017 after many months of waiting we finally launched our brand new website!

over the coming weeks we’ll be updating old content and creating new pages, in no time at all the website will be full of glossy new content.

We’ve already created a page for our brand new MOCOPA Assessment centre which we opened in late 2016, we’ve already had significant interest and carried many successful Assessments.

Our STUMP ( Short Term Utility Meter Protection) page is looking better with new content currently being added.

If you would like to know more information about Tuffentech and it’s products don’t hesitate to give us a call on Freephone: 0800 612 7688 or Email us at: