July 2017 Blog

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being awarded the bronze medal from the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers for delivering my presentation on Smart Metering. I had been nominated for the James Ransom Memorial Medal for the top Incorporated Engineer but there was a problem producing it so I was awarded this in its place which is an honour in itself. Life has a habit of throwing up results which you don’t foresee. The Brexit vote, Trump and Chelsea winning the premiership again. At the beginning of the season I didn’t expect that nice surprise.

Another nice surprise is how busy our MOCOPA assessment centre is becoming and to date we have assessed and approved some very good installers. One interesting but unforeseen outcome has been the interest that they have shown in STUMP our temporary meterbox repair solution. This stems chiefly from the fact that they don’t get paid if they don’t complete the installation and this is also true of their employers. One eminent industry director estimated that is costs about £50 to get an installer on site at the same time as the consumer so if the meter box is damaged, spending less than £10 can make everybody happy.

You didn’t foresee that!