Blog November 2018

I’m sorry to say that my last Blog was in July 2017 which is shameful so let’s look at this as a new beginning and a new beginning it is.

Tuffentech Services was founded 10 years ago. We have managed to hold our own and developed several ideas into commercial products and services, but the business had stopped growing. In May of this year I took the business through a full commercial review using the “Action Coach” process which I would fully endorse.  One of the outcomes was the realisation that when I am as a busy as I have been delivering service.

I haven’t got the capacity to grow business as well. One area we recognised as a real growth area was training and technical training in particular, so the decision was made to take on a General Manager to focus on the development and growth of this part of the business. Earlier this month, I was delighted when John Moulton agreed to join us in that position.

Most recently he has been a smart meter technician for various companies but he has a track record in successful start-ups so his knowledge of the sector and sales acumen were a perfect match for us. We are very excited about the future and I’m sure you will join me in wishing John the best of luck with his endeavours.