February 2017 blog

As you know, I am not Leicester City supporter but I have to say I was as equally perplexed with the way that Chelsea dealt with Mr. Ranieri, when he left Stamford Bridge, as I guess many people are with his departure from the Kingpower Stadium. As I remember he dealt with the whole affair with consummate dignity and class and I don’t expect him to respond any differently this time. You are not born with that level of grace. You are blessed if you have it and this man has earned the right to be called a Gentleman. Such a pity that so many others can’t learn from his example.

On another note Doris has blown through with 90mph winds in some places. We were sat in our office waiting for the roof to blow off but fortunately no serious damage was done here. It did make me wonder how many meter box doors were being blown about in the wind though. Meter boxes are normally a mundane and uneventful part of your building fabric but we know occasionally they can be troublesome. A missing door or broken box can leave the meter open to the elements or vandalism. This has become ever more important with the introduction of more valuable smart meters. Not many people realise that it is the home owner’s responsibility to sort this out. Which is probably why so many remain in a poor state of repair but never fear. We have a range of solutions from the STUMP, to the SMB Overbox or if you need more help why not give us a call and we will come and sort it out for you.

– Vic Tuffen